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Fuel management

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Alphabet can provide you with advice on choosing appropriate fuel cards. We can offer you various solutions, as a fleet manager, to ensure that your fuel is managed efficiently.


The benefits for you as a fleet manager:

  • Do you want better cover, cost savings or flexibility? Alphabet tailors its proposal to your needs.
  • Maximum security for each fuel card.
  • Comprehensive online reports for transparent management.
  • Best price agreements with fuel suppliers.
  • Alphabet takes complete care of your administration.
  • The best possible advice when choosing fuel cards


The benefits for your drivers:

Your driver benefits from a wide range of petrol stations and networks in strategic locations. Depending on the type of card you have selected, other options may be included, such as refuelling when abroad and toll road and tunnel charges. More information tailored to a driver.

NFC Premium Card

  • image of checkFilledUSP: Comfort
  • image of checkFilledExtensive network of national and international fuel stations (Europe)
  • image of checkFilledValid for: AdBlue & CNG refuelling and Tolls
  • image of checkFilledShell, Q8, Dats24, TotalEnergies

NFC Light Card

  • image of checkFilledUSP: Highest discount/litre
  • image of checkFilled640 fuel stations in Belgium; international refuelling possible as well
  • image of checkFilledValid for: AdBlue & CNG refuelling and Tolls
  • image of checkFilledShell Express, Q8 Easy, Dats24

Other services

Online Services

We simplify your fleet management. Our smart online service options assist both you and your drivers with advanced support. 

As a fleet manager, your main goal is to run your company’s fleet effectively and cost-efficiently. You have to take care of daily fleet demands, anticipate new requirements and create solutions. And you need to keep an eye on costs, resale values and international regulations, not to mention anything that affects the optimisation of your fleet. Keeping control can be challenging. 

We support you by relieving you of some of the administrative burden of fleet management with practical online services. Our online reporting provides you with real-time information on your fleet. At the touch of a button, you can create cost reports and review contract conditions. 

As a fleet purchaser, you can request quotes, plug in orders and review any pending matters quickly. You can save time by letting drivers order cars themselves. With the online car configurator, drivers can select the car of their choice, taking your specific company fleet parameters into account. These convenient services save you time and boost your business mobility. 

Car taxation

With our rental services, you have immediate access to vehicles for a short-term, interim period in the event of a breakdown, servicing or late delivery of new cars. 

When you negotiate your lease agreement with Alphabet, we consider all eventualities to ensure your company’s business mobility remains uninterrupted. At times, you might need an extra vehicle for a new member of staff or cars might have to be serviced and repaired. If you have vehicles and drivers off the road, it can cost you time and money. 

With our rental services, your drivers stay mobile at all times. We can build rental services into your lease agreement using your specific parameters and forecasts. As soon as you need an additional car for your fleet, you can call our 24/7 hotline. With the support of our international car rental network, we will deliver the requested extra vehicle to a designated location as soon as possible. 


Managing international vehicle taxation takes time and demands a high level of knowledge. With our tax management service, you leave the demands of international vehicle taxation to our experts. 

Vehicle tax differs from country to country. You and your drivers never have to worry about car taxes being up to date as our tax management experts have the expertise and knowledge to support you. We make sure that every car in your international fleet complies with local taxation regulations. We guarantee the prompt payment of taxes thereby avoiding late-payment penalties. 

Furthermore, we are proactive in helping you spend less on tax. We advise you on more tax-effective funding methods and the leasing of low-tax, low-emission vehicles. All tax management services, including tax payment transactions, are conveniently included in your monthly bill. 

Fine management

Speeding and parking fines can add up quickly. Save yourself the time and hassle of dealing with fines with our professional fine management service. 

With Alphabet’s fine management service, we free you up by taking care of fines incurred by your drivers. Fines for cars registered under our name are sent directly to us by the authorities. We forward the fine on to the relevant driver or inform the authorities on your behalf of the driver’s contact details. 


We also offer an additional, convenient option where we settle all fines incurred and invoice you later for the charges. 

customer service

A good working relationship lies at the heart of our success. We build strong connections with our clients from the very beginning, offering a 360° customer service that extends right through to driver support. 

We are committed to excellent customer care. We therefore offer you a variety of services aimed at supporting you and your drivers. From the beginning, a dedicated key account manager works with you to create and implement a business mobility solution that takes your specific requirements into consideration. We maintain close communication with you, providing person-to-person customer support, solving problems and optimising your business mobility. 

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