Alphabet’s mission and responsibility

Driving change and promoting sustainable mobility

Our mission and responsibility

At Alphabet, we like to tell it like it is. As global organisation, we recognise that our activities have an impact on the environment. Emissions from mobility and transport are still one of the biggest causes of climate change. But we want to help change that. We are working hard to reduce and, in time, eliminate our environmental impact. By contributing to the greening of mobility, we want to create a brighter future for planet, our customers and ourselves.

Our approach to sustainable entrepeneurship

Today, corporate sustainability is  a matter of course for every organisation. Alphabet is no exception. Sustainability is also at the heart of our business, both in the services we provide to our customers and in our internal operations.

For our customers

Sustainable mobility solutions

From consultancy to leasing and fleet management, all our services are dedicated to green mobility.

We help our customers find the right sustainable mobility solutions for both the short and long term. Examples of solutions from our offering include electric cars, (electric) bicycles and other alternatives such as the mobility budget.

Furthermore, we always look at how we can help our customers optimise their mobility budget and costs. Reducing the carbon footprint goes hand in hand with reducing costs.

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In our company

Greening by example

At Alphabet, we are constantly looking for opportunities to further electrify our own fleet.

We also have an energy efficient office building, use green electricity from local suppliers and have experts helping us monitor and further reduce our CO2 emissions. In our office, we also use environmentally friendly office supplies as much as possible.


In our company

A strong company culture and network

Greening our operations and our customers’ mobility is not something we do alone. In fact, we could never do it alone.

All of our employees are committed to making a difference for each other and our customers every day. They are the driving force behind our positive, collaborative culture. A culture that values job satisfaction, inclusion and equality are central.

We also have a strong network of partners who share the same sustainable values and standards, and we are a member of EV Belgium, the association dedicated to zero emission mobility in Belgium.

Finally, as an organisation, we try to live up to our social responsibility. We use social employment initiatives wherever possible and focus on responsible sourcing

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ISO certification

Our Information Security Management systems are all set up in line with the ISO 27001 standard.

Alphabet Certificate of an environmental management system ISO 14001

EcoVadis label

We have proudly been wearing the Silver EcoVadis label since 2022.