Fuel management

Fuel cards

If your company has opted for the Alphabet fuel system, you will have an Alphabet Fuel Pass that allows you to refuel at a large number of fuel stations, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Depending on the choice made by your employer, you will have one of the following fuel cards at your disposal:

NFC Premium Card

  • image of checkFilledUSP: Comfort
  • image of checkFilledExtensive network of national and international fuel stations (Europe)
  • image of checkFilledValid for: AdBlue & CNG refuelling and Tolls
  • image of checkFilledShell, Q8, Dats24, TotalEnergies

NFC Light Card

  • image of checkFilledUSP: Highest discount/litre
  • image of checkFilled640 fuel stations in Belgium; international refuelling possible as well
  • image of checkFilledValid for: AdBlue & CNG refuelling and Tolls
  • image of checkFilledShell Express, Q8 Easy, Dats24

You will always receive a secret PIN code with your fuel card. Enter your kilometers reading at every refueling session. This is important for the accuracy of the reports provided by Alphabet to your company.

Fuel declaration

If you, due to circumstances, are unable to get to a terminal that accepts the card you have been issued with, you will need to pay yourself. You can pass on the amount to Alphabet by way of the fuel declaration. Please return this form fully completed, along with the receipt to Alphabet’s Fuel Administration department at financialfuelandreporting@alphabet.be. The sum will be paid into your account as soon as possible. You can also recover your costs via our Alphabet app.

Download the declaration form

Loss or theft of the fuel pass

If your fuel pass gets lost or stolen, please report this immediately:

Forgot your fuel card?

Sending outgoings can now easily be done through our Alphabet App.

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