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Together with our partners we take care of an efficient intake of your vehicle.

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Returning your lease car

Together with our partners, we ensure efficient intake of the vehicle. 

Your fleet manager will contact you as soon as the maximum number of kilometers or the planned contract duration is reached. You will then be contacted by our Macadam partner to arrange the time and place for the vehicle to be checked in. 

You are expected to be present and to tender your vehicle in a clean and tidy condition including the original vehicle documents (application form, certificate of conformity and insurance certificate) along with all the keys. Our Car Controller will take around twenty minutes to inspect the vehicle and to draw up and sign the car check-in document. 

Preparing the return? Use our checklist.

Purchase your lease car

Who knows your car better than you? As an individual, you or someone close to you can buy your car at the end of the lease period. Every vehicle is covered by a 1 year warranty and 1 year of free roadside assistance after purchase. 

You can see the process below.

The process

Return or purchase your lease bike

Alphabet will contact you 2 to 3 months before the date your bike's lease contract ends. We will inform you of the various options available to you at the end of the contract.

You have two options:

  • Return your lease bike: We ask you to inform us about where and when the bike will be returned via This can be done at the bike dealer where you took delivery of the bike. This bike dealer must be included in B2Bike's network.
  • Purchase your lease bike: If you wish to buy your lease bike, we ask you to provide your agreement as well as the correct contact details for preparing the sales invoice via Our partner B2Bike will provide you with the necessary payment information.
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