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All at the tap of a finger

The Alphabet app is another big step towards the mobility of tomorrow. Once installed on your smartphone, it provides your vehicles’ authorised users with a host of comprehensive services and support for almost any business-travel related situation.

From reporting accident damage to finding service partners, your dependable personal assistant on the road takes care of everything in just a few clicks.

Benefits of the Alphabet app

  • image of checkFilledSwift access to contract data
  • image of checkFilledService partner search with GPS navigation
  • image of checkFilledGet your digital insurance card
  • image of checkFilledDeclare your fuel costs
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Alphabet app – a major step in digitalising the fleet business

Our all-new Alphabet app is here and we’d like to guide you through the extensive redesign. Let’s look at the improvements together and see how you can immediately benefit from using it.


Alphabet app key features

Contract data

You can check your vehicle’s most important data, take a look at your contracts and book mobility services in no time. 

So jump aboard. A whole world is open to you now on your smartphone.

  • Contract details
  • Access to lease information
  • Duration and mileage
  • Services included in lease contract

Good to know:

Drivers can also use the self-service function in the app to enter changes in their personal information.

alphabet app contract

Damage management

Have you been involved in an accident or had some misfortune? The Alphabet app gives you the help you need, when you need it, wherever you see it. In just a few steps, you can report the damage and send photos of the scene and your vehicle.

alphabet app schade

Swift service partner search

Drivers are directed to the nearest of 1,000 authorised partner workshops. This saves time and expense, and you can also take advantage of many additional benefits – such as opening hours or telephone numbers of service partners.

alphabet app locations

Claims for fuel expenses

We’ve thought of everything. If it has been agreed that you can claim certain personal expenses such as fuel on a company car managed by the app, this can be done in the Alphabet App.

It is easy and hassle-free. Just remember to take a photo of the receipts and attach them when you complete your claim.

Good to know:

If you have spent your private money, you can use the app to quickly reclaim any costs. When submitting your claims just link your lease agreement with the app and state the relevant reasons for your payments.


alphabet app declaratie

Travelling abroad & insurance card

If you are planning a journey abroad in your lease car you will require an insurance card. The Alphabet App enables you to easily generate your digital insurance card* and share it digitally on different channels.

Please don’t go away without:

  • Your driving licence
  • Your motor insurance certificate and insurance contact details
  • The vehicle registration document
  • Authorisation from your employer and/or the leasing company if you don't own the car
  • Your passport/ID card

*Service only available for contracts that are insured via Alphabet at Vivium

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