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If you have any questions or need help with your Alphabet lease vehicle or lease contract, you can consult our various services below. 

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Before & during lease contract

Accident management by alphabet

Our centralised accident management service reduces the stress and expense of collisions involving company cars. We provide a 24-hour accident hotline and comprehensive accident handling.

Alphabet offers you a comprehensive service that saves you time and money. We significantly reduce your administrative burden and cut settlement time. You also benefit from lower repair and handling charges thanks to our special supplier conditions.

One essential element is our 24-hour service hotline for drivers. In the event of an incident, your driver notifies our hotline team and we roll out all relevant accident services. These include on-site assistance, towing, replacement vehicles, repairs and insurance processing. We relieve you of any inconvenience by taking care of the accident follow-up on your behalf. We coordinate with garages for vehicle repairs, deal with insurers directly for claims and manage cases with legal advisors. We also keep tabs on costs and in so doing, ensure maximum efficiency.

Click here to learn more about Accident managementClick here to learn more about Accident management

Roadside assistance

Even new company cars sometimes breakdown. With Alphabet’s Roadside Assistance, you make sure your drivers get the support they need right away – regardless of whether they’re at home or abroad. 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, the roadside assistance is available on +32 (0) 78 15 05 35

Alphabet can include a roadside assistance service in your leasing contract. This option provides unlimited support to your drivers. By selecting this service, you can rest assured that your drivers will promptly be taken care of in the event of a roadside incident, no matter what country they are in.

In developing our roadside assistance programme, we cooperate with expert breakdown service providers across Europe. When selecting our local partners, we make sure approved processes and service levels are guaranteed. In this way, we establish immediate, expert support for your drivers in the event of an accident.

Our roadside assistance service begins with an international telephone helpline for drivers in trouble. Staffed by a trained team of specialists, once all incident details have been recorded, an array of services is rolled out.

Click here to learn more about Roadside assistanceClick here to learn more about Roadside assistance

Repairing a windshield

Managing the upkeep and servicing of company cars takes a lot of time. We offer you a professional, cost-efficient maintenance and repair service which takes care of vehicle upkeep and keeps employees mobile.

Running a fleet means taking responsibility for company cars and driver safety. Ensuring vehicle roadworthiness is your top priority. However, keeping a controlled overview of the punctual servicing and repair of every company car in your fleet is time-consuming and challenging. In doing so, we ensure that every car in your fleet is regularly serviced and repaired immediately to the highest standards.

We are constantly negotiating prices with service providers to ensure top quality at the best possible rates. As a volume buyer, Alphabet receives favourable supplier conditions which our customers take advantage of. Our maintenance and repair service also provides you additional options such as the Alphabet Service Card. With this card, your company car drivers enjoy hassle-free, cashless payment of maintenance charges.

Click here to learn more about Maintenance & repairClick here to learn more about Maintenance & repair


The fee for the technical inspection is included in your leasing rate. Alphabet provides you a voucher that you can use to pay with in the inspection center of your choice.

Check here when you should take your car to the technical inspectionCheck here when you should take your car to the technical inspection

Changing Tyres on BMW

Our tyre management service provides a professional and individually adaptable tyre service that covers the purchase, upkeep and storage of all your fleets’ tyres.

We take care of the replacement of company car tyres at regular mileage intervals. We also carry out seasonal tyre changes, ensuring safe driving in all weather conditions. The professional fitting of original, manufacturer-recommended tyres is an essential aspect of this service. We work with an extensive dealer network so your drivers have quick access to top-quality service providers and tyres can be stored locally. With the Alphabet Service Card, your drivers benefit from the convenient and cashless purchase of tyres and additional services. We administrate and pays for all individual tyre-related service charges. You save time and money through simplified administration with one consolidated invoice – and you also take advantage of our volume-buying discounts.

Click here for a list of approved tyre centres.

Click here to learn more about Tyre managementClick here to learn more about Tyre management

Fuel management

Driver fuel reconciliation is complicated and takes up precious time. Alphabet’s fuel management service optimises the fuel bill processing, thereby lessening your administrative burden and enhancing your company’s efficiency.

Our fuel management service provides your drivers with a fuel card for use at any refilling station within our extensive international partner network. Using the fuel card means hassle-free, cashless fuel transactions for drivers, and minimal administration for fleet managers. Alphabet manages payments while your fuel charges appear on one consolidated monthly statement.

We also provide detailed and continuous mileage monitoring and fuel usage reports. In cases of under- as well as over-mileage, Alphabet adjusts the leasing agreements to make sure you have the best conditions for your fleet. And by analysing fuel usage, inefficiencies can be spotted and ironed out.

Click here to learn more about Fuel cardsClick here to learn more about Fuel cards

customer service

Drivers can count on our customer service team as a trusted point of contact.

Our driver help desk is available 24 hours a day with a multitude of services. We provide breakdown, stolen vehicle and recovery assistance. We locate repair centres, organise replacement cars and answer general or contract-related enquiries. We also offer a range of practical tools and services that make fleet management easier for you.

Click here to contact our customer service departmentClick here to contact our customer service department

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