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What to do in case of?

You can simply calculate and order your company car with our online tool Fleet Agent. 

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The most frequently asked questions concerning the delivery of your lease car.

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In case of breakdown or damage, you can contact Alphabet’s roadside assistance dispatch centre: 24/7 at +32 (0) 78 15 05 35.

Roadside assistance is available if your car leaves you stranded as a result of breakdown, an accident, fire, theft or vandalism, which prevents you from continuing your journey driving the vehicle.

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Does your car need maintenance or repair? Just take your car to the garage, without any further formalities. Alphabet will take care of all the rest.

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The fee for the technical inspection is included in your leasing rate. Alphabet provides you a voucher that you can use to pay with in the inspection center of your choice.

When should you take your car to the technical vehicle inspection?

  • Passenger cars without tow bar: after 4 year
  • Light trucks: yearly
  • Passenger cars with tow bar < 750 kg : after 4 year
  • Passenger cars with tow bar >750 kg: yearly

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If you have any questions about your tyres, please do not hesitate to contact our Alphabet TireLine at + 32 (0) 78 05 00 48 or

We have listed the most frequently asked questionsWe have listed the most frequently asked questions

fuel cards

If your company opted for the Alphabet fuel system, you have an Alphabet Fuel Pass which you can use to fill up 24/7 at a large number of petrol stations.

Depending on the system chosen by your company, you will receive:

  • NFC Premium Card
  • NFC Light Card
  • Alphabet Mobility Card (XXImo)

You will always receive a secret PIN code with your fuel card. Enter your kilometre reading at every refuelling session. This is important for the accuracy of the reports provided by Alphabet to your company.

(*As of 1 January 2019 it will no longer be possible to refuel at Total using this card)

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Your car is insured against window damage. In all cases, repairs or replacements must be handled by an Alphabet-approved repairer (Autoglass Clinic & Carglass), whether in Belgium or abroad. If the chipping in your windshield is smaller than a 2-euro coin, having this repaired will prevent the burst from spreading across your windshield, whilst restoring the windshield to its original strength. 

In case of glass breakage, please contact the Alphabet Service Line at 078/05 00 at any time. 

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Be sure to bear in mind the following to ensure a swift follow-up of the damage sustained: 

  • Please send Alphabet a fully completed (both sides) and signed notice of claim form within 24 hours. To ensure swift processing, you can always fill in your form here
  • Please make sure you specify the car’s number plate in all correspondence with Alphabet.
  • Upon receipt of the claim form, you will be contacted by the repairer selected by you to have the damage repaired as soon as possible. 
  • In case of damage involving a third party, please provide Alphabet with your original European accident report form at your earliest convenience.

To the damage reporting form >

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In case of theft or attempted theft, it is imperative that you press charges within 24 hours with the competent authorities and immediately notify Alphabet. In which case all original keys and remote controls must be presented to Alphabet.

In case of loss or theft of the vehicle registration certificate or the certificate of conformity it is imperative that you immediately press charges with the police. The original police statements recording the filed loss or theft must be sent to Alphabet as soon as possible to enable us to request new documents. Copies of these police statements must be kept inside the car at all times.

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Everything you need to know when you travel abroad. 

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Returning your lease car : the different steps 

  • Your car fleet manager will contact you as soon as the maximum number of kilometres or the planned contract duration is reached. 
  • You will then be contacted by our partner Macadam to arrange the time and place for the vehicle to be checked in. 
  • You are expected to be present and to tender your vehicle in a clean and tidy condition including the original vehicle documents (application form, certificate of conformity and insurance certificate) along with all the keys. Our Car Controller will take around thirty minutes to inspect the vehicle and to draw up and sign the car check-in document.

Be sure to use our checklist and brochure about end of contractBe sure to use our checklist and brochure about end of contract

Did you know that you can purchase your own lease car at the end of its contract? As a matter of fact, nobody knows the vehicle better than you. Moreover, Alphabet offers you excellent conditions like a 1-year warranty and 1 year roadside assistance!

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Have you incurred costs for the technical inspection or costs that are included in the leasing contract (excluded: fuel, Adblue or other products)? You can pass on the amounts to Alphabet through expense declaration. Please return this form fully completed, along with the original receipt to The total amount will be reimbursed to your account as soon as possible.

Download the expense declaration formDownload the expense declaration form

Alphabet Belgium does not bear any civil or criminal responsibility but is obliged to transfer your data to the competent authorities.

The fines are sent via our partner Unifiedpost.

May we therefore kindly ask you:

- to contact the authority that issued the fine for any question or dispute you may have regarding the content of the attached document.

- to immediately transfer the payment to the account of the relevant authority

- if a form has been added, fill it in and return it to the competent authority.

All costs incurred in the event of non-payment or late payment, will be charged, plus administrative costs.

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